For more than 35 years, attorney Ernie Teitell has practiced both criminal and civil trial law. Throughout his career, he has worked hard to give back to his community and state – primarily by assisting those who lack the money or resources to get legal help when they need it.

Now, in collaboration with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), he is furthering his passion for assisting others by co-founding the Connecticut Child Justice Foundation (CCJF). Teitell said the CCJF, a nonprofit foundation, is “dedicated to serving Connecticut children, including disabled and mentally challenged children, who are without resources and who are deprived of essential educational services and other support services.”

He explained that Connecticut is home to many such children, and federal and state laws require school districts to provide the services these kids need in order to get an education. For example, a physically challenged student may require an aide to navigate the school, or an academically challenged student might need help to manage the schoolwork.