A Message From Joette Katz, DCF Commissioner

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Caring for a child is a wonderful experience. But it is also a very complicated responsibility -- one that requires a wealth of information to help guide the decisions and the a ctions that best serve the child. While none of us can do it alone, we all can do better if we have relevant and reliable information. The Internet may be the greatest tool available in getting people access to the information that is so vital to providing good care and quality services to children and families.
Whether you are a parent, a caretaker or a professional dedicated to helping children and families, I hope you find the Department of Children and Families' website a useful resource in your efforts. On this site you will find lots of information about the Department -- including its policies and programs -- but also about ways to help children and the rewards of being a foster or adoptive parent. You can find stories about children and families and also guidance to questions that parents ask every day.
Because knowledge and information empower families to do their best, the Department offers several other websites that are useful in a variety of circumstances. These include:
  • www.ctparenting.com offers useful information to parents and family members regarding child well-being, health, safety, education and other topics that make a difference in the lives of children and families;
  • www.facebook.com/ct.dcf and www.twitter.com/ctdcf offer daily posts to articles on www.ctparenting.com. These posts are frequently focused around monthly themes of particular importance to parents. Recent themes have focused on building healthy relationships with your child and raising teenagers
  • www.ctfosteradopt.com offers guidance to people interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent.
I hope you find this website and all the Department's web offerings to be useful as you dedicate yourself to make life better for children.


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